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One of the primary things which a student arriving in United Kingdom has to consider is accommodations. Students should try and ensure that they have arranged accommodation before coming to UK, even if only temporary.
Students looking for accommodation have a choice of three options. 

Student accommodation offered by the college/university, usually in traditional halls of residence with shared facilities and catering provided, or increasingly, in self-catering halls or flats where students can prepare and cook. Majority of first year students choose to live in this type of accommodation which is mainly suitable for single students.
Student Accommodation offered by Independent hostels, usually in single or shared rooms, some provide meals, often at subsidized rates while others provide kitchen facilities for self catering. Electricity, gas and water usage are generally included in the overall cost. In most cases a small furnished bedroom is provided with access to shared laundry, bathroom, lounge and other facilities.                                                                                                          
Private rented accommodation is suitable for any type of student, many second and third year students prefer to live more independently in a self contained flat or house , which is usually shared with a group of friends. This type of accommodation can be in a lodging (renting a room from a landlord/lady and sharing facilities with them and their family, including eating) in the case of single student or a bed sit (renting a room in a house and sharing basic facilities with other tenants) or sharing with other students/friends in a property.          

Cost of living
Student living in the UK will need enough to meet there basic living expenses such as accommodation costs, heating, daily travel, food, books and other necessities. Student’s living outside of London will probably need approximately £740 a month. Though some students may find it hard to maintain their usual standard of living on this amount. 

Below is breakdown of costs to give students some idea of how to estimate your living expenditure.
Monthly cost of food based on a western style of breakfast, a midday meal at the university in the week, an evening hot meal and weekend meals eaten at home is around £210-£270 for a single person. 
The cost of an evening out will vary depending on the area; there is a wide range of places in many cities across the UK.

Economical restaurant


Cup of tea/coffee


Lunch    £10.00

Dinner £15.00




Britain is a cool and damp place in the winter months and warm (rarely hot) in the summer. The winter months are usually cold and frosty. The climate is largely unpredictable.
Cost of clothing in an academic year is approximately £275-£450.
The cost of launderette is approximately £8.00 per week.

Britain can be cold during the autumn and winter months, students may need heating for as long as Seven to eight months in the year. If student is living in private rented accommodation, the cost of heating will not be included in the rent and will be min of £20.00 per week for heating in the winter. Accommodation in university campus is inclusive of heating.

Books and Equipment
The cost of books in academic year is approximately £320, however this figure varies according to your course. For certain courses, students are expected to provide their own calculator, and may be required to buy certain items of equipment. Stationery and photocopying will cost in the region of £70-£150. 

Medical costs
Britain has a National Health Service (NHS) which is financed and run by the Government. If you are on a course lasting longer than six months you should be eligible for free treatment from the NHS, including hospital treatment, from the beginning of your stay. This also applies to your spouse and children under 16.

United Kingdom has reasonably a good public transport system, although prices are higher than some other European countries.
In London and other major cities you can get a day saver for the tube or trams which you can travel all day for as many times as you like about £5-£8.


Weekly Zone 1-6 Travelcard

Monthly Zone 1-2 Travelcard

Train trip to Edinburgh

Train trip to Cambridge / Brighton

Avg mid-sized car rental for a weekend

1 mile- £4.60 - £8.20 approx
4 miles- £11 - £18



£110 (standard single)

£17 - £20 (single)


Cost of Entertainment


West End Theatre

Club/Pub Entry

Live music/concerts

Chart CDs

New release DVD rental



£5 - £20


£8 - £12


Students can get some discounts on take away food, tickets and so on, by showing their union card. Most student union centres have bars and other entreating events that are cheap for students

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