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Singapore is an island city-state located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia and consists of 63 islands, including mainland Singapore. Singapore is the 5th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP (PPP) per capita.

Major Cities
Jurong , Bukit timah, Central business district, Changi, Orchard, Bedok and Wooklands

Singapore has grown from a tiny fishing village to a thriving centre of commerce & Industry. Singapore has the busiest port in the world serving over 620 shipping lines & one of its major oil refining & distribution centres. Singapore is a vital supplier of electronic components & a leader in ship building & repairing, its strategic position has helped it to grow into a major centre for finance, communication & tourism. Singapore has an airport served by more than 69 airlines. 91% literacy.

The population of Singapore including non-residents is approximately 4.86 million. Singapore is highly cosmopolitan and diverse with Chinese people forming an ethnic majority with large populations of Malay, Indian and other people.

The four official languages of Singapore are Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English. English is the most common language used and is the language which unites the different ethnic groups.

Time difference
India is 2.5hours behind Singapore.

Singapore is generally hot and humid year round, with the temperature almost never dropping below 18°C, even at night, and usually climbing to 32°C during the day. Humidity is mounting over 75% mark.

Singapore is a mixture of an ethnic Malay population with a Chinese majority, as well as Indian and Arab immigrants. There also exist significant Eurasian and Peranakan (known also as 'Straits Chinese') communities.

It is a clean, modern & green. The city is thriving with greenery & it's also seamlessly clean. There are 1040 hectares of scenic parks, nature reserves & beaches. Vicinity of botanical gardens, Bukit timah nature reserve, Sungei Buloh Nature Park, the world - acclaimed Zoological gardens & the night safari are hard to miss, Jurong Bird Park etc.

Singaporean cuisine is an example of diversity and cultural diffusion, with influences from Chinese, Indian, Malay and Tamil cuisine. You can have Chinese noodles, with an Indian curry & a Malay side dish followed by a French dessert.

The public transport system is excellent. You will rarely be caught in a traffic jam. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains are the most fastest & convenient way of travelling. MRT operates a network of trains serving 51 stations. You will get a taxi anywhere in Singapore.

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We are one of the leading companies in the field of Overseas Education

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