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Student Accommodation
If your accommodation has not been pre-booked for you, the Accommodation Officer at your university is the person who can advise you about the accommodation that best fits your needs and budget. At the housing office you will be able to look through lists of suitable places, and then choose which to select.

Students looking for accommodation have different options. 

Self catering accommodation 
It includes number of options from a room in a shared house to a large private apartment. While self catering accommodation can offer full independence, the prospective student should be aware that there can be significant set-up costs associated with self catering accommodation. You will be required to pay the first month's rent and a deposit in advance. The deposit is the same amount as the monthly rental figure. Minimum lease period is usually 1 year and if you vacate prior to this period you will be liable to pay rent for the remaining period. Miscellaneous items might have to be purchased e.g. crockery, cooking utensils, bed linen etc.

Accommodation with a family/ 'Digs'
 You can live as a paying guest in an Irish home, where you have your own room with space to study, but otherwise share the house with the family. Morning and evening meals will be provided

On-campus accommodation
Most universities and a number of other colleges offer on-campus accommodation. This can range from a single, or shared room in a large apartment to a one-bedroomed apartment. Your institution of choice will be able to provide you with full details of the options on offer.

Cost of living
Student’s living in Ireland probably needs approximately €11,700 - €15,250.
Below is breakdown of costs to give students some idea of how to estimate your living expenditure.






€3000- €5150

Food and Household


Other Living Expenses(Travel, Health, Insurance, Social life, Communications Miscellaneous expenses)

€1500- €2500(depending on location and lifestyle)

Cinema tickets

€7- €12


€7 and €15

Pint of beer

€ 4.50


€8.30 for a packet of 20


€1.80( approx will depend on no. of stages)

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We are one of the leading companies in the field of Overseas Education

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