Why Study in Germany?

1.8 million Students around the world go abroad to attend a university. Nearly one tenth of those students choose to come to Germany. Germany's universities combine age-old traditions with modern technologies.

Universities here combine research and study. They've been the scene of many groundbreaking discoveries and they're internationally renowned. German universities attract faculty and students from around the world.

High Academic Standard - Higher education in Germany is first rate. Tradition of German universities dates back to the 14th century and ensures an outstanding level of education and research. Products of German companies, especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical engineering products are leading in the international market.

Live Experience - Studying in Germany often includes interaction with industry. Modern German universities also combine theoretical work with its practical application. They both educate and train - basic research is augmented by applied research. Interdisciplinary cooperation is common and many of them cooperate closely with multinational firms (Siemens, SAP, Daimler, BMW or Bosch) and with other research institutes in Germany and abroad. In the end, this increases the graduates' chances on the job market.

International Degree Programmes (IDP) - over 300 International Degree Programmes offer courses which are entirely or partly taught in English. These courses are offered in various disciplines, especially in engineering, natural sciences, computer sciences and economics and lead to internationally recognised Bachelor or Master degrees or even to a PhD.

Moderate Costs - Universities are state-funded, therefore, generally minimal or no tuition fees are charged. You only have to bear your living expenses, such as accommodation, food, transport and health insurance. Special student discounts for various services help to make studying in Germany less expensive than you would have expected.

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We are one of the leading companies in the field of Overseas Education

We are one of the leading companies in the field of Overseas Education

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